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We provide counseling services to individual, couple and family in Cantonese, English or Putonghua.

  1. Help clients raise their self-esteem
  2. Help clients understand self and others better
  3. Help clients improve relationship with others
  4. Help clients make better choices to cope with problems

Our Senior Counselors (listed by alphabetical order)
- Ms. Au Connie
- Ms. Chan Siu Ling
- Mrs. Ip Angela
- Dr. Lam Marie
- Mr. Ng Christopher
- Ms. Tam Rose


Category Fee Senior Counselor Counselor Counselor-in-training
(for 1 hour) HK$850 HK$300 HK$100


  • Fee waiving could be arranged in case of financial difficulties.
  • Telephone enquiry is welcome.
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed.


Code of Ethics

Practice Guidelines