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What is Satir Counseling?
Satir counseling is a kind of family therapy which validates the impacts from family. Family is the first context for people to learn about copings. In stressful situation, the coping may become dysfunctional. In the interview, counselor would help the client to figure out how the adversity turns out to be a coping problem & work on the impacts brought to his internal world. Counselor would set positively directional goal with the client and facilitate him to transform the past learnings into positive resources and anchor the change for healthy status. With Satir tools, client can make good use of the difficult experience and transform it to an opportunity for growth!

We provide counseling services to individual, couple and family in Cantonese, English or Putonghua.

Our goals are to help clients:
1. raise their self-esteem;
2. improve relationship with oneself and others;
3. make better choices;
4. take responsibility of their choices;
5. become fully human;
6. become more congruent.

Our Senior Counselors (listed by alphabetical order):

  • Ms. Au Connie
  • Ms. Chan Siu Ling
  • Dr. Chung Cat
  • Dr. Lam Marie
  • Mr. Man Ka On
  • Mr. Ng Christopher
  • Ms. Tam Rose

Counseling Fee :

Category Fee Senior Counselor Counselor Counselor-in-training
(for 1 hour) HK$1100 HK$450 HK$150

-Fee waiving could be arranged in case of financial difficulties.
-Telephone enquiry is welcome.
-Confidentiality is guaranteed.

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