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5 Freedoms Poster (sold out)

Sample Iceberg Process Questions of the Satir Model (On sale)

Personal Alchemy – The Art of Satir Family Reconstruction (On sale)

“Counseling Couples in Crisis Using the Satir Model” Seminar with Live Presentation DVD (On sale)

Sharing with Maria Gomori about Virginia Satir & Her DVD
(On sale)

QEF 親職效能實務手冊

20 周年特刊

Letting Go: Family Reconstruction – A Process Developed by Virginia Satir (Transcript of an Experience) (sold out)

Live Presentation on Family Therapy Using the Satir Model (Lecture) (sold out)

A Live Presentation on Couple Therapy Using the Satir Model (Lecture)
(sold out)

Live Presentation on Satir Therapy – Treating Addictions with the Satir Model (Lecture) (sold out)

“If Depression is the Solution, What are the Problems?”—A Live Presentation on Family Therapy Using the Satir Model (Lecture)
(sold out)

Live Couple Therapy Presentation Using the Satir Model (On sale)

The Self: Reflections on its Nature and Structure According to the Satir Model (On sale)

看!我可以活得更自在! (On sale)


Preliminary Report on“Effectiveness of a Satir-Based Personal Growth Workshop among Chinese People”
 (Published on the Satir International Journal, 2016)

“Perceived Self-Transformation Scale” (PSTS-17)
(Published on the Contemporary Family Therapy, 2018)

Effects of the Satir Model on Mental Health: A Randomized Controlled Trial 
(Accepted by Research on Social Work Practice <2018>)