Dr. Marie Lam (one of our founders)

Mr. Christopher Ng (one of our founders)

Lecture by Dr. John Banmen (translated by Dr. Marie Lam)

Demonstration of coping stances (guided by Dr. John Banmen)

Dr. John Banmen & Dr. Marie Lam in counseling course

Group exercise (guided by facilitator)

Practising coping stances in workshop

Small group practice in counseling practicum

Presenting learning goals by counseling trainees

Illustration of concepts in workshop (by Ms. Chan Siu Ling)

Illustration of concepts in counseling course

Meditation Walk

Dr. Maria Gomori

Award presentation to Dr. Marie Lam (Living Treasure, 2011) (speech given by Dr. Maria Gomori)

Meeting with small group leaders (led by Dr. Maria Gomori)

Dance therapy workshop (led by Dr. Nitza Broide-Miller)

Feedback giving in Dance therapy workshop (led by Dr. Nitza Broide-Miller)

In-house Training for Counselors

In-house training (led by Ms. Angela Ip)

Live demonstration (led by Dr. John Banmen & translated by Dr. Marie Lam)

Art therapy workshop