Honorary Trainer

Dr. John Banmen

  • HKSC Honorary Trainer
  • Family Therapist
  • Doctorate in Counseling Psychology; Master in Counseling Psychology
  • Registered Psychologist and Registered Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Approved Supervisor of AAMFT; Member of the Canadian and American Psychological Association
  • Trainer in eleven countries for families & psychotherapists
  • A long-time colleague of Virginia Satir

Dr. Marie Lam

  • HKSC Senior Counselor, Senior Supervisor and Honorary Trainer
  • PhD in Therapeutic Counselling
  • Certified Clinical Supervisor of HKMFTA
  • Clinical Member of SIP; Life Member of VSGN; Member of CCPA & IFTA
  • Experience: family therapy, couple therapy, family reconstruction, counselor & supervisor training
  • One of the Founders of HKSC

Trainer (By alphabetical order)

Ms. Connie Au

  • HKSC Senior Counselor, Supervisor and Trainer
  • Part-Time Lecturer of Educational Psychology Department
  • MA in School Guidance and Counseling Course
  • Experience: personal growth and parent-child case

Ms. Amelia Chan Siu Ling

  • HKSC Senior Counselor, Supervisor and Trainer
  • Master Degree of Arts in Parent Education
  • Certified Clinical Supervisor of HKMFTA
  • Experience: family therapy, couple therapy, counseling on stress management, therapy on mental and emotional disorder, training for parents and counselors

Mr. Raymond Chan

  • HKSC Counselor and Trainer;
  • Registered Social Worker
  • Master of Psychological Medicine (Psychosis Studies); MSS (Applied Psychology) ; PGD (Psychology); BSW
  • Foundation course of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Teacher Training
  • Experience: elderly service, counseling for cancer patients, support to ex-mentally ill persons with their families and case supervision, professional training on mental health for elderly

Ms. Jennifer Chow

  • HKSC Counselor
  • Registered Social Worker
  • Div; MSocSc (Crim)
  • Experience: child abuse, domestic violence, mental illness, suicide, depression, criminal, marital problems, drug abuse & gambling.

Dr. Cat Chung

  • HKSC Senior Counselor, Supervisor and Trainer
  • Lecturer; Registered Social Worker
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • HKPCA Certified Counselor & Approved Counseling Supervisor
  • HKMFTA Certified Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Experience: cases of depression and anxiety, childhood trauma, intimate relationships problems.

Mr. Simon Leung

  • HKSC Counselor, Supervisor and Trainer
  • Registered Social Worker
  • MCS; BSW
  • Experience: cases of couple, emotional health and personal growth.

Mr. Man Ka On

  • HKSC Senior Counselor, Supervisor and Trainer
  • Ed.(Educational Guidance), M.Ed.(Teaching & Learning), Cert. (School Guidance & Counselling); PgD Applied Psychology, B.Sc., Somatic Experiencing Certificate Program
  • Former Senior Lecturer of Dept. of Educational Psychology, Counseling & Learning Needs; & Assessment Development Officer of HKIE
  • Experience: youth development, use of spirituality, management of mental & emotional health, couple therapy, parenting & teacher development.

Mr. Christopher Ng

  • HKSC Senior Counselor, Senior Supervisor and Trainer
  • Retired Secondary School Teacher
  • A. (Pastoral Counseling); Dip. Ed. (Teaching); Dip. Ed. (Guidance Studies); B. A. Hons. (History)
  • Experience: Personal growth, couple relationship, family case, teenager case, mental & emotional disorder
  • One of the founders of HKSC

Ms. Angela Wong

  • HKSC Counselor and Trainer
  • Educational Psychologist, and Honorary Assistant Professor, HKU
  • Soc. Sc. Educational Psychology, M.A. Psychology
  • HKPCA Approved Clinical Supervisor & Associate Fellow
  • Experience: psychology, mental health, couple & family therapy

Mr. Patrick Wong

  • HKSC Counselor and Trainer
  • Registered social worker
  • M. Coun; MSW
  • Experience: Men’s counseling, male with problem of sex-offending others, couple and family counseling

Overseas Trainers (By alphabetical order)

Dr. Nitza Broider-Miller

  • Teacher; Dance and Movement Therapist; Clinical Psychologist
  • PhD in Clinical Psychology
  • Member of the VSGN & SIP
  • Experience: Individual, couple & family therapy

Ms. Nagel Jennifer

  • Trainer and Counselor
  • Master of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology; Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Psychology; Training in Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR)
  • Member of the British Columbia Association for Clinical Counsellors, the IFTA Association, VSGN
  • Experience: Healing impacts from trauma

Dr. Beth Nemesh

  • Family Therapist; Music Therapist; Trainer; Researcher for family-music therapy
  • PhD in Expressive Arts Therapies
  • Board-Certified Music Therapist, Licensed Marital Family Therapist and Certified Body-Mind Psychotherapist
  • Experience: Working with children, adolescents, couples and families; Integration of expressive arts & musical interventions  in family therapy